CO2 Laser Marker

CO2 Laser Marker

OEM CO2 laser markers and integrated CO2 laser markers are available at various levels of laser powers such as 10W 30W 50W & 100W.To be used in laser marking of non-metals.

For OEM users or laser integrators or the end users for the production line, we can provide OEM laser markers at more attractive prices. The OEM laser marker consists of 3 parts: a laser head with marking head, a control box, a D/A card & marking software. A chiller may be needed depending on the CO2 lasers used.


Laser wavelength 10.6um
Laser power 10W/30W/50W
Mark linewidth 0.15mm
Marking field (mm) 50x50 - 250x250
Marking speed <5m/sec
Weight (laser with mark head) 20kg
Electric 200VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Remarks: 1) various brands of CO2 lasers available according to customers’ applications and request.
  • 2) other laser power levels and marking fields available upon request..
  • 3) custom-design and –making available.

Typical Applications:

  1. Laser marking of non-metal materials and products: acrylic, ceramics, plastics, polycarbonate, organics, wood, thermo-elastomer rubbers, paper, button.
  2. Electronic industry: capacitor, inductor, PCB, IC, connector, control panel, instrument.
  3. Others: button, cosmetics, food package, bottle, gift, advertisement & sign crafts, craft & gift making.

Other CO2 lasers & customised laser marking systems available upon request.