Diode Laser Pump Modules

Diode Laser Pump Modules

The diode module is an ideal building block in the development or production of medium power rod laser systems, conversion of existing lamp-based laser designs to diode-pumping.

STO Series DPSS Diode Laser Modules & Diode Bars/Stacks

1. CW 1064nm Diode Laser Pump Modules & Drivers

diode pump modules


  • Metal plate laser cutting, up to 12mm.
  • Metal & non-metal marking & engraving.
  • Metal & plastic welding, laser cleaning.
  • PCB, ceramic and solar cell engraving % cutting.
  • Lab & medical applications.

STO Series, 35W-500W CW 1064nm DPSS Laser Modules

Model No. Output Power(W) Nd:YAG(mm) Operating current(A) Voltage(V) Diode Driver model No.
STO-GN35 35 Φ2 18 <18 STO-GN520
STO-GN50-H 50 Φ2, Φ3 20 <18 STO-GN720
STO-GN50-E 50 Φ3 25 <18 STO-GN720
STO-GN75-H 75 Φ2, Φ3 20 <24 STO-GN520
STO-GN75-E 75 Φ3 25 <24 STO-GN720
STO-GN100 100 Φ3, Φ4 25 <30 STO-GN920
STO-GN150 150 Φ4 25 <40 STO-GQ40
STO-GN200 200 Φ4, Φ5 25 <50 STO-GQ50
STO-GN300 300 Φ4, Φ5 25 <70 STO-GQ70
STO-GN400 400 Φ5, Φ6, Φ6.35 25 <80 Contact Us
STO-GN500 500 Φ7, Φ8 25 <150 Contact Us
STO-GN1000 1000 Φ7, Φ8 25 <200 Contact Us

Note: The typical Nd:YAG doping for STO series CW DPSS laser module is 0.6% and other doping levels (0.6%-1.1%) can be customized. The output power is measured with regular 300mm cavity length with flat-flat or concaved-flat resonator.

LDD Series, CW Laser Diode Power Supply

Model No. Max Voltage Max Current For Laser Modules
STO-GN520 24V 22A STO-GN35, STO-GN50-H, STO-GN75-H
STO-GN720 24V 30A STO-GN50-E, STO-GN75-E
STO-GN920 36V 30A STO-GN100, STO-GN120
STO-LDD-40-30 40V 30A STO-GN150
STO-LDD-50-30 50V 30A STO-GN200
STO-LDD-70-25 70V 30A STO-GN300
STO-LDD-100-30 100V 30A STO-GN400, STO-GN500
STO-LDD-140-28 140V 28A For laser cutting head

2. QCW/Pulsed Diode Laser Pump Modules

diode pump modules


  • Direct industry applications
  • As laser oscillator or laser seed
  • As laser amplifiers
  • To get high peak power with Q-switch
  • Other lab & medical applications
  • High repetition rate laser rangefinder
  • High pulse energy military applications

mJ Level Diode Laser Pump Modules

Model No. Nd:YAG(mm) Pumping Power(808nm) Pulse Energy (200us) Current(A) Voltage(V)
STO-GQ9 Φ2-4 900W >30-40mJ 110 18
STO-GQ12 Φ2-4 1200W >40-50mJ 110 24
STO-GQ15 Φ2-4 1500W >60-70mJ 110 30
STO-GQ30 Φ3-5 3KW >120-140mJ 110 60
STO-GQ50 Φ3-5 5KW >200-250mJ 110 100
STO-GQ50B Φ3-5 5KW >200-250mJ 200 50
STO-GQ100B Φ4-8 10KW >400-500mJ 200 100
STO-GQ200B Φ4-8 20KW >800-1000mJ 200 200

Remark: (1) Customized stack/planar array side/end-pumping QCW modules in various shapes such as arc and annular available upon request. (2) The doping level of Nd:YAG can be customized from 0.6% to 1.1%. Pulse energy listed above is measured at 200μs/100Hz at 1064nm. Typical QCW modules are designed with duty circle £5% and higher duty circle modules must be customized. Small signal gain may be various according to different designs.

Joule Level QCW/Pulsed DPSS Laser Modules

Model No. Nd:YAG Dia. Pulse Energy Operation Voltage Peak Current
STO-MQ1 5-10mm >1J 250V 200A
STO-MQ2 5-10mm >2J 500V 200A
STO-MQ3 5-10mm >3J 750V 200A
STO-MQ5 5-10mm >5J 1250V 200A
STO-MQ10 5-10mm >10J 2500V 200A

Remark: the above QCW modules are usually driven by a group of QCW Laser Diode Drivers synchronously and the operation voltage is the sum of these voltages. Pulse energy listed above is measured at 200μs/20Hz at 1064nm. Typical QCW modules are designed with duty circle ≤2%. Customized modules available upon request.

Services and Maintenance of Other Brands’ Diode Modules

We are also able to provide lasers diodes repair and refurbishment services for various laser pump modules from various manufacturers all over the world. Our experienced engineers are able to repair them and provide after-sale services, including:

  • Rofin’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads
  • LEE Laser’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads
  • FOBA’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads
  • Northrop Grumman (Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser)’s laser heads, including RB, RE and other series.
  • Almalaser Soprano &ICE diode laser hair removal handle piece
  • Syneron Elaser& Elase diode laser hair removal handle piece
  • Jenoptik's laser diode stack
  • Dilas's laser diode stack
  • Other DPSS laser heads from NEC etc

Please contact us for more information. Please note: Northrop Grumman, Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser, Rofin, FOBA, Han’s Laser, Jenoptik, Dilas, NEC, Almalasers, Soprano, Soprano ICE, Elaser, Elase are their trade marks which belong to the companies above.

DPM Series Diode-pumped Laser Gain Modules

Part number DPM-50S DPM-75S
Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Laser power 50W 75W
Operation CW CW
Operation current 18A 25A
Operation voltage ≤18V ≤24V
Nd:YAG dimension 3x65mm 3x65mm
Cooling Water Water
Power input Suggested LDD2020 (20A, 20V) Suggested LDD2524 (25A, 24V)
Chiller Cooling capacity ≥1000W Temp. accuracy ±0.5℃ Cooling capacity ≥1000W Temp. accuracy ±0.5℃
Water temp. 22℃ 22℃
Warranty 12 months 12 months
Dimension 70x65x65mm 70x65x65mm

More diode modules are listed as follows:

Part No. DPM-25 DPM-50D DPM-50S DPM-75 DPM-100 DPM-200 DPM-500 DPM-1000 DPM-1500
YAG Diameter (mm) 3 3 3 3 4 5 6/7 7 8
Output Power (W) 25 50 50 75 100 200 500 1000 1500
Operating Current (A) 29 15 18 29 29 29 29 29 29
Operating Voltage (V) <6 <24 <18 <18 <24 <42 <100 <180 <250

For other power diode laser modules, please send us an email.