RF-excited CO2 Laser

RF-excited CO2 Laser

These RF-excited CO2 lasers are professionally made and are widely used in the processing of non-metals such as plastic organic materials BBS etc. CO2 laser tube is based on our proven ceramic core technology.

STD Series Economic RF-excited CO2 Lasers

We are a reliable company for expert advice and good service in the field of CO2 laser beam source. Superior beam quality, favourable price, long product lifetime, efficient technical support are the main strengths of our products and service.

CO2 laser

For Medical treatment applications

  • CO2 fractional laser scare removal skin resurfacing device
  • CO2 laser therapy
  • RF stretch marks removal CO2 fractional laser machine
  • RF tube laser generator vaginal tightening laser
  • Cosmetology surgery apparatus

For CO2 laser marking/engraving machine applications

  • Achieve high speed static or dynamic online marking code
  • Mark/engrave clearly
  • Hard-wearing quality
  • High engraving and marking efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly

For CO2 laser cutting machine applications

  • High and stable power
  • Cutting better than fiber laser for non-metal
  • The speed of cutting is faster
  • Cutting leather, wood, plastics etc

Competitive Advantages of our lasers:

  • 3-5 years long lifetime, stable machine and mode quality
  • All metal body and very firm
  • Small size and easy to carry
  • Quick response time for services
Model STD-xxx-30A/W STD-xxx-55A/W
Wavelength 9.3 / 10.2 / 10.6μm 9.3 / 10.6μm
CW Output Power ≥30W ≥55W
Power Stability <±5% <±5%
Mode >98%TEM00 >98%TEM00
Beam Size 1.8±0.2㎜ 1.8±0.2㎜
Beam Divergence 7.5±0.5 mrad 7.5±0.5 mrad
Mode Quality M²<1.2 M²<1.2
Polarization >100:1 linear >100:1 linear
Weight of Laser System 5.2kg 10kg
Dimension 357×92.5×142mm 492.5x92.5x154.5mm
Input voltage 48 VDC <±2% 48 VDC <±2%
Input DC current ≤12A ≤20A
Ambient Air Temperature 5℃ to 40℃ 5℃ to 40℃
Cooling Air or water Air or water
Humidity Non-condensing Non-condensing
  • Laser power is tested at the room temperature 25degree. When the temperature rises 1℃, the output power will reduce 1%.
  • Definition of stabilization: ±(Pmax-Pmin)/(2Pmax)
  • Testing condition of stabilization: warming up about 10mins, controlling duty cycle constantly, under the normal operating environment.

Ordering Information

STD-xxx-yyz, where xxx means laser wavelength in um (9.3 or 10.6), yy means laser power in watt, and z means cooling in A for air cooling or W for water cooling.

Electrical Connector (RJ-45):

1 (PWM Orange and white) RF Enable
TTL logic input
1=RF ON,0=RF OFF;1KΩ impedance.
This input turns on the laser. (See also Pin 7, Control Enable, below)
2 (+15V Orange) +15 VDC±0.5VDC,0.25 A Max output for customer use
3 (Laser Green and white) Laser ok
TTL logic output,1=LASER OK,0=LASER Fault;
Output is asserted when no faults (SWR, Temp or Volt.)are detected
4 (Temp Blue) Temperature OK
TTL logical output,1=Temp ok,0=Temp fault;
Output is asserted when temperature is below 60℃
5 (Volt Blue and white) Power and voltage OK
TTL logical output;1= voltage ok,0=voltage fault;
Output is asserted when DC supply voltage is below max. value
6 (GND Green) For internal use. must be grounded
7 (Enable Brown and white) Control enables
TTL Logical input;1= Laser control enable,0= Laser controlled disabled
This input must be asserted before RF enable can be used to turn on the laser.
8 (GND Brown) GND

STJ Series Economic RF-excited CO2 Lasers

CO2 lasers CO2 lasers

Model STJ-xxx-20W STJ-xxx-30L STJ-xxx-30W STJ-xxx-60W
Wavelength 10.6/10.2/9.3μm 10.6/10.2/9.3μm 10.6/10.2/9.3μm 10.6/10.2/9.3μm
Laser power ≥28W ≥33W ≥40W ≥65W
Power stability ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5%
Beam mode TEM00 TEM00 TEM00 TEM00
Beam diameter 2.0-2.2mm 2.0-2.2mm 2.0-2.2mm 2.5-3.0mm
Beam divergence 4mrad 4mrad 4mrad 4mrad
Polorization 50:1, vertical 50:1, vertical 50:1, vertical 50:1, vertical
Modulation frequency 0-20 kHz 0-20 kHz 0-20 kHz 0-20 kHz
Cooling Air Air Air Air
DC power input 48VDC/12.5A/600W 48VDC/12.5A/600W 48VDC/12.5A/600W 48VDC/31A/1500W
Dimension, mm 360×93×140 360×93×140 360×93×140 537×93×140

STI Series RF-excited Ceramic CO2 Lasers

Most CO2 lasers offered today are based on the original R&D approach developed at several different aerospace companies in the 1970s. This traditional approach involves extruding or machining aluminum bodies to contain the optical and electrical components inside the laser gas envelope - the laser tube. These designs are convenient for R&D work, but not ideal for building lasers that are reliable, and have long lifetimes. The ceramic CO2 laser tube has a significant advantage.

The leading reliability issue with metal-tube lasers is that the metal is highly reactive with the gas mixture. Over time, as internal components wear, "scrub" each other's surfaces, fresh aluminum is exposed. Free oxygen in the laser's gas reacts with this raw metal (oxidation) changing the composition of the original gas mixture. In addition, many of these designs use O-ring seals that can allow air and moisture to enter the laser tube and further compromise the all-important gas mixture. These issues are eliminated with Ceramic CO2 laser tubes.

Ceramic CO2 laser tube technology solves these problems by moving all the reactive components to the outside of the laser tube leaving only pure clean Alumina (Al2O3) ceramic in contact with reactive gasses. Due to its chemical makeup, Alumina does not react with the gas. Alumina can also be fired at very high temperatures as part of the cleaning process. This further assures there are no organic contaminants from laser tube manufacturing, that remains inside the laser tube to react with the gas.

The ceramic CO2 laser tube is also the optical backbone that holds the resonator optics. The CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of alumina is 1/3 the CTE of aluminum. Since laser tube thermal variations have a direct impact on laser stability, Our Ceramic CO2 laser tube has significantly better stability performance when compared with metal-based CO2 lasers. Ceramic CO2 laser tubes also enables gas mixtures of comparatively high pressure to be used. Ceramic CO2 laser tubes allow for high pressure gas mixes and provide for faster rise and fall speed as well as much better power stability.

Infinity Series RF-excited Ceramic CO2 Lasers

RF excited 50 – 120 Watt Ceramic Core CO2 lasers

The new Infinity CO2 laser series combines the exceptional performance of a monolithic ceramic resonator with the latest RF design into a single integrated package. The result is a compact, efficient, and powerful laser with fast rise and fall time and great optical characteristics.

CO2 lasers


  • Pure ceramic
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Fast driver electronics
  • High efficiency
  • 30% fewer parts
  • Adjustable power<1 W to MAX
  • Long lifetime
  • OEM configurations available


  • No contamination, no leaks
  • Enhanced laser stability
  • Quick rise and fall time
  • Air cooled up to 120 Watts
  • Higher reliability
  • Flexibility
  • No need to ever refill tube
  • Optimized for your application
Part number STI-155 STI-156 STI-158 STI-1510 STI-1512
Rated Optical Power (Watts) 50 60 80 100 120
Mode Quality (M2) ≤ 1.2 ≤ 1.2 ≤ 1.2 ≤ 1.2 ≤ 1.2
Beam Ellipticity < 1.2:1 < 1.2:1 < 1.2:1 < 1.2:1 < 1.2:1
Beam Diameter (mm) 1/e2 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Beam Divergence (mrad, full angle) <7 <7 <7 <7 <7
Wavelength (μm) 10.2, 10.6 10.2, 10.6 10.2, 10.6 10.2, 10.6 10.2, 10.6
Rise Time (μs) <75 <75 <75 <75 <75
Power Stability, Fan Cooled (% from Cold) <± 5 % <± 5 % <± 5 % <± 5 % <± 5 %
Power Stability, Water Cooled (% from Cold) <± 3 % <± 3 % <± 3 % <± 3 % <± 3 %
Polarization Random Random Random Random Random
Cooling Air, fan, water Air, fan, water Air, fan, water Air, fan, water Air, fan, water
Input Power (Watts) 720 1000 1125 1350 1500
Input Voltage / Current 36V / 20A 40V / 25A 45V / 25A 48V / 28A 50V / 30A
Weight (kg) 14.7 14.7 14.7 14.7 14.7
Dimension (mm) 555x200x157 555x200x157 555x200x157 555x200x157 555x200x157

When placing the order, please indicate the cooling way such as F = for fan cooled, W = for water cooled or A = for air cooled (no fans). Matched beam expanders are available.

Infinity 1625 Ceramic CO2 Laser, The lightest, most compact 250 Watt CO2 laser source

Our model 1625 is a 250 Watt CO2 laser tube and is based on our proven Ceramic Core Technology. Model 1625 is the smallest RF-driven, sealed CO2 laser in the world.

RF Driven CO2 lasers are typically designed to operate in a pulsed mode, at a specified Peak-Power. The pulses can vary in duration from near zero to continuous-wave (CW) - the laser is on continuously. Further, at the time of shipping, a laser could produce a significantly more peak-power than specified.

This additional, or reserve power is common in CO2 lasers, and is intended to further the specified lifetime of a laser that is known to have power degradation over time; the laser will stay within specification longer.

Model Infinity 1625
Rated Optical Power 250
Mode Quality (M2) 1.2
Beam Ellipticity < 1.2:1
Beam Diameter (mm) 1/e2 2.5
Beam Divergence (mR, full angle) 5
Wavelength (μm) 10.57-10.63
Rise Time (μS) < 75
Power Stability from cold (%) ±4%
Polarization Vertical to mounting plane
Cooling Water
Flow Rate (l/m, g/m) >9.8, 2.6
Input power (Watts) 2800
Input Voltage / Current 50V / 56A
Weight (Kg / Lbs.) 23 / 50

Z30/Z40 Series RF-excited Ceramic CO2 Lasers, The smallest RF driven 30 and 40 Watt laser

Our model Z30/Z40 is a 30/40 Watt CO2 laser tube and is based on Our proven Ceramic Core Technology. One of the primary differences and technological advancements that is incorporated in this design is the resonator. The Z30’s/Z40’s resonator is a Z-folded (2-fold) unstable resonator. This allows for a smaller package design when compared with other 30/40 Watt laser tubes and is the shortest (folded) resonator in the 30 – 50 watt CO2 laser class, but has a remarkably long (unfolded) resonator length. This provides superior power and beam diameter stability. Early test have shown the from-cold power stability in the ±2% range.

Model Model 163 Model 164
Rated Optical Power <=30 40
Mode Quality (M2) 1.2 <=1.2
Beam Ellipticity < 1.2:1 < 1.2:1
Beam Diameter (mm) 1/e2 2.3 2.3
Beam Divergence (mR, full angle) 7 7
Wavelength (μm) 10.57-10.63 10.57-10.63
Rise Time (μS) < 75 < 75
Power Stability from cold (%) ±5% from cold, guaranteed ±3% after 2 mins typical ±5% from cold, guaranteed ±3% after 2 mins typical
Polarization Random Random
Cooling Air Air
Flow Rate (air) 140CFM x 2 140CFM x 2
Input power (Watts) 480 600
Input Voltage / Current 48V / 10A 40V / 15A
Weight (Kg / Lbs.) 9.5 / 21 9.5 / 21

ULR Series RF-excited CO2 10-500W Lasers

The ULR series of CO2 lasers for OEM use are based on a sealed, RF pumped, slab design that produces a high-quality beam. These lasers can be operated in CW mode or modulated to control average power. Modulation is accomplished by varying the pulse width of the input signal.

In the 10 W to 500 W lasers, RF electrodes are spaced apart to allow the laser beam to form without influence of the electrodes, delivery excellent near- and far-field quality with minimal wave-guide effects. The folded resonator design allows generation of power in a compact package. Our lasers require no consumables and deliver a very long lifetime.


When you purchase an OEM laser you are not only buying a laser source, but a partnership. That partnership means you receive direct access to world-wide technical support and the shortest service turnaround times, access to the most advanced Applications Laboratory and the most robust and reliable lasers on the market for as long as you own and use the product.

  • Space Saving and Easily Integrated: The patented multi-pass, slab resonator design is the foundation of our robust and highly reliable laser sources. Our integrated air-cooled and internally RF-stimulated lasers eliminate the need for additional space and cost for chillers, and external power sources. Integrating the aser sources into your production or research process is as easy plugging it in.
  • Broad Product Line of Air-cooled Options: We manufacture single resonator air-cooled lasers in power ranging from 10-75 and 250 watts and dual resonator lasers at the 100, 120, 150, and 500 watt range.
  • Unbeatable New Order Delivery Lead Time: 10 Business days for a new OEM single resonator ULR 10W to 75 W lasers.13 Business days for a new OEM ULR dual resonator, and laser sources over 100 W.
  • Reliability: Average field life between reconditioning in excess of 6.5 years.
  • Shortest Service Turn Around Time on the Market: As the laser manufacturer, we deliver the shortest service time on the market. We recondition and return your laser in 16 Business days.
  • State-of-the-Art Materials Application Laboratory: Our material scientists and applications engineers work with our customers to understand their unique materials processing requirements. Years of industry experience is put to work in developing a customized laser processing solution. Processed materials samples and a report describing laser configuration and processing recommendations are provided.
  • 90-Day Risk Free Laser Evaluation Program: To assure your complete satisfaction, we offer a risk free laser evaluation program. Examine our innovative, space-saving, air-cooled CO2 Lasers in your application with no risk for 90-days.


Two cooling options are available:

  • Integrated Air: ULR lasers configured for integrated air cooling contain fans and heat sinks designed to allow the laser to operate efficiently with no external cooling.
  • Basic Air: ULR lasers configured for basic air cooling do not include fans. The integrator is responsible for ensuring adequate cooling, per ULS specifications.


  • 10.6 µ and 9.3 µ configurations available
  • TTL-compatible Over-temperature warning and laser status features
  • Thermal cutoff protection
  • Low-profile mounting plate
  • RoHS compliant
  • RS485 communication
  • 48V DC Input Voltage
Laser power Basic air Integrated air 9.3um
10W Y Y Y
25W Y Y Y
30W Y Y Y
40W Y Y Y
50W Y Y Y
60W Y Y
75W Y Y
100W Y Y
120W Y Y
150W Y Y
250W Y
500W Y
Model ULR10 ULR25/ULR30 ULR40 ULR50/ULR60 ULR75
Rated power** 10W 25W or 30W 40W 50W or 60W 75W
Wavelength 10.6um 10.6um/9.3um 10.6um/9.3um 10.6um/9.3um 10.6um
Power stability ±10% ±5% ±5% ±5% ±10%
M2 <1.3±0.2 <1.3±0.2 <1.3±0.2 <1.3±0.2 <1.3±0.2
Beam size(near field) 4±1mm 4±1mm 4±1mm 4±1mm 4±1mm
Beam pergence(full angle) 5±1mrad 5±1mrad 5±1mrad 5±1mrad 5±1mrad
Polarization Linear Linear Linear Linear Linear
Pointing stability 200μrad 200μrad 200μrad 200μrad 200μrad
Rise time 120±40μS 120±40μS 120±40μS 120±40μS 120±40μS
Duty cycle 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100%
Modulation signal type TT TTL TTL TTL TTL
Cooling Air Air Air Air Air
Weight (Basic AC) 3.3kg 8.1kg 9.5kg 10.9kg
Weight (Basic WC) 3.3kg 9.0kg 10.4kg 11.8kg
Weight (Integrated AC) 3.9kg 9.0kg 10.4kg 11.8kg 14kg
Weight (integrated WC) 3.9kg 9.0kg 10.4kg 11.8kg 14kg
Ambient temperature*** 10-35oC 10-35oC 10-35oC 10-35oC 10-35oC
Relative humidity <90% <90% <90% <90% <90%
DC input voltage 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC
RMS current (CW) 4A 10A 14A 18A 20A
Model ULR100 ULR120 ULR150 ULR250 ULR500
Rated power** 100W 120W 150W 250W 500W
Wavelength 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um/9.3um 10.6um
Power stability ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5%
M2 <1.3±0.2 <1.3±0.2 <1.3±0.2 <1.2±0.2 <1.2±0.2
Beam size(near field) 8±1mm 4±1mm 4±1mm 8±1mm 8±1mm
Beam pergence(full angle) 5±1mrad 5±1mrad 5±1mrad 4±1mrad 4±1mrad
Polarization Cross polarized Cross polarized Cross polarized Linear Cross polarized
Pointing stability 200μrad 200μrad 200μrad 200μrad 200μrad
Rise time 120±40μS 120±40μS 120±40μS 120±40μS 140±40μS
Duty cycle 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100%
Modulation signal type TTL TTL TTL 5V logic 5V logic
Cooling Air Air Air Air Air
Weight (Integrated AC) 36.7kg 36.7kg 43.0kg 45kg 90.7kg
Weight (integrated WC) 36.7kg 36.7kg 43.0kg
Ambient temperature*** 10-35oC 10-35oC 10-35oC 10-35oC 10-35oC
Relative humidity <90% <90% <90% <90% <90%
DC input voltage 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC
RMS current (CW) 36A 36A 40A 80A 160A

Main Difference between UL Series and ULR Series Lasers

The bottom and connector are swallow-tailed and 12PIN respectively but the bottom and connector are flat and 15PIN respectively. There is no difference on performance.

For used Universal lasers, we provide fully-refurbishing services at very low prices. The refurbishing includes replacing optics, RF power supply and refilling gas. All the jobs will be finished within 7 days.

ULR Series High Power CO2 Lasers

ULR series high power CO2 laser is the OEM solution to industrial applications. The laser construction employs a folded, slab resonator design making it compact and adaptable to a multitude of applications with excellent beam quality and power stability.


  • Long operating life
  • Stable and reliable under the most demanding conditions
  • Maintenance-free
  • Excellent beam quality in both neat and far fields
  • Easy integration into all types of OEM system configurations
  • Single slab resonator design for 250W, and dual resonator for 500W


  • RoHS compliant
  • Advanced Technology – RF-excited laser with an internal tickle, and RS-485 communications to query laser status during operation. Laser also can be pulse-width modulated up to CW
  • Safety – TTL temperature warning output guards against overheating; fault indicator LED and built in interlock circuit
  • Simplified integration – Low profile mounting plate with quick release electrical connectors can be mounted in any orientation
  • Options – A variety of options available, including visible red dot pointer coaxial with the main beam, reinforced front mounting plate and water cooling.
  • Customer Service – The most responsive, customer-oriented technical support in industry.
  • Superior Construction – Metal construction, precision machining, and the highest quality components is fundamental to the design of the laser.
ULR250-O-IA-x ULCR500-O-IA-x
Rated power 250W 500W
Wavelength 10.5-10.7um 10.5-10.7um
Power stability ±5% after 15min of CW operation ±5% after 15min of CW operation
M2 1.4±0.2 1.4±0.2
Beam size (Near filed) 8±1mm 8±1mm
Beam pergence (Full angle) 3±1mrad 3±1mrad
Polarization Linear Cross-polarized
Pointing stability 200uR 200uR
Rise time 120±40us 140±40us
Duty cycle 38±10us 0-100%
Modulation signal type TTL compatible
Cooling Integrated air Integrated Air
Weight 98lbs (44.5kg) 200lbs (90.7kg)
Ambient temperature 50-95°F (10-35°C) 50-95°F (10-35°C)
Relative humidity <90% (non-condensing) <90% (non-condensing)
DC input voltage 48VDC 48VDC
RMS current (CW, including fan) 70A max 140A max
Inrush current 100A 200A

Beam Output Configuration:

With the 90 degree output the beam goes through the base plate. We cut a hole in the bottom and mount it to the face of the laser, turn it 90 degree down through the hole. We can not offer it in any other direction but through the bottom of the base plate. To offer this option on OEM lasers the beam output number is (#3) for 90 degree without pointer, (#4) for the 90 degree with pointer. This option is not offered on 10W Integrated air cooled due to the small base plate and no room to mount the out put.