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The measurement of laser power is quick and simple with our power meter. The hand held power meter is a low cost light weight alternative to bulky two-piece thermopile power meters and probes.

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STGEO-P250 Portable Laser Power Meter

User Interface

Key Features:

  1. POCKET-SIZE - This mid to high power laser probe is so compact it fits in your pocket!
  2. EASY-TO-USE - The touch screen color LCD allows for a friendly user interface. You can make a measurement with just the touch of a button!
  3. USER SETABLE - You can set the wavelength, brightness and screen orientation to adapt to your application.
  4. DATA LOGGING - Save your data to the internal memory and then transfer it to your PC over the USB connection.
  5. FROM LOW TO HIGH POWERS - Thanks to a low noise level and high damage threshold, the Pronto can measure powers from 0.5 W to 250 W.
  6. YAG AND CO2 CALIBRATIONS - The Pronto-250 comes fully calibrated: every wavelength between 248 nm and 2.5 μm (YAG), and a real calibration at 10.6 μm (CO2). The Pronto-250-PLUS has an additional calibration for Single-Shot Energy measurements.
  7. HANDS-FREE OPERATION - Place it on a flat surface or use one of the 2 threaded holes for safe use with optical stands.







SSP Mode

Measures in 5 sec

CWP Mode

Measures Power continuously

SSE Mode

Measures in less than 0.5 sec


25 0W

250 W

8 W

25 J (up to 150 J for pulses >1 ms)


19 mm Ø

19 mm Ø


Touch Screen Color LCD Display

Touch Screen Color LCD Display


Spectral Range

0.19 - 20 μm

0.19 - 20 μm

Calibrated Spectral Range

0.248 – 2.5 μm and 10.6 μm

0.248 – 2.5 μm and 10.6 μm

Noise Equivalent Power/Energy

10 mW

10 mW

10 mW

60 mJ

Minimum Measurable Power/Energy

0.5 W

0.5 W

0.2 W


Response Time

5 sec

5 sec

1.5 sec

0.26 sec

Measurement Accuracy

± 3 %

± 3 %

± 2.5 %

± 5 %

Min Repetition Period (Max Pulse Width)




4 sec (88 ms)

Display Resolution

1 mW

1 mW

1 mW

10 mJ

DAMAGE THRESHOLDS                                                                 

Maximum Average Power Density

45 kW/cm2 (at 1064 nm, 10 W, CW) / 14 kW/cm2 (at 10.6 μm, 10 W, CW)

Maximum Exposure Time

6 sec

6 sec



Maximum Device Temperature





USER INTERFACE                            

Measurement Controls

Wavelength Selection and User Calibration

Measurement Modes

Single Shot Power (SSP)

Single Shot Power (SSP), Continuous Power (CWP) and Single Shot Energy (SSE)

Data Acquisition and Transfer

Simple On/Off Controls, saves to on-board memory and transfers data to the PC using the USB connection

Screen Personalization

Orientation and Brightness controls

Battery Indicator

On-screen indicator with 4 levels

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS                                   

Display Type

Touch Screen Color LCD

Display Size

28.0 x 35.0 mm (128 x 160 pixels)



Internet Upgrades

Via USB port

Data Storage

50,000 pts

Battery Type

Rechargeable Li-ion

Battery Life

17 hours or 4 200 measurements (with brightness set at 25%)

Battery Recharge

Via USB port

Operating Temperature Range

15 - 28 °C (max 80% RH)


Effective Aperture

19 mm Ø



Mounting Holes (for Post)

2 x 8-32


59.0W x 181.4L x 17.0D


210 g

Innovative Power Meter Offers Unbeatable Convenience

The measurement of laser power is quick and simple with our power meter. The hand held power meter is a low cost, lightweight alternative to bulky, two-piece thermopile power meters and probes, or traditional “meat thermometer” probes. Ideally suited for industrial, scientific, and medical applications, use it when setting up your systems, and as a service tool to ensure maximum performance of your laser system at any time.

Designed to measure power levels from 1 - 250W, the power meter measures output power from the ultraviolet to the far infrared. This makes it the perfect tool for checking the performance of your excimer, argon, diode, YAG, and CO2 lasers, to name just a few.

Automatic data hold and auto ranging make the power meter easy to use. Simply insert the sensor into the laser beam and hold in place for a few seconds. The easy-to-read LCD screen will then display an accurate measurement of average laser power. To take another reading, simply push the reset button, and the power meter is ready to go.

Part number PMS-250
Power range 1-250W
Resolution 0.1W
Wavelength range1 190nm – 11um
Inpidual calibrated wavelength1 10.6um
Target absorption1, 190nm – 1.1um & 9-11um 0.96-0.99
Target absorption1, 190nm – 1.1um 0.93-0.99
Accuracy ±5%
Target diameter 22mm
Setting time <4second
Max. allowable input power (single application) 300W
Max. average power density2 20kW/cm2
Max. peak energy density3 1J/cm2
Max. target temperature 180oC
Typical target temp. rise per measurement 0.4oC/W
Typical battery life 5 years (25,000 readings)
Battery type 3xCR2025 lithium
Auto shut-off time 25 seconds
Data hold time 15 seconds
Size 159x30x12mm
Weight 80g

Specifications subject to change without notice.

  1. Typical absorption curve supplied with each meter
  2. Damage to coating may cause above this value.
  3. For pulsed lasers and 50usec pulse width.


ST Series Laser Power Meters and Energy Meters

1. Laser Power Meters

Model 146 147 148 M-92A M-92B M-92C M-93
Range 200W 2000W 2uW- 20W 2W-200W 2mW-200mW 0.2W- 20W 2W-50W 2W- 200W 20mW 200mW
Resolution 0.1W 1nW 1064nm:1mW 633nm:1uW 0.1mW 1mW 1mW 0.01mW
Sensor diameter 20mm 18mm 18mm 25mm 10mm
Wavelength 400-1100nm 190nm-25um 400-1100nm
Calibration @ wavelength 1064nm 633nm 1064nm 633nm 10.6um 633nm
Max power density 15kW/cm2 350W/cm2  
Max energy density 70J/ cm2    
Display 3.5-digit LED
Un-stability 5%
Cooling water air water air
application High-power laser Low-power laser Medium laser CO2 laser Low-power laser

Remark: A power meter consists of a display and a detector. The power meter has been calibrated at a given wavelength before shipping.

2. Laser Energy Meters

Model M2000B M2000 145A 145B 145C
Range 2J-200J 2J-200J 200mJ-20J 2J-200J 20mJ-2J
Resolution 1mJ 1mJ 0.1mJ 1mJ 0.01mJ
Sensor diameter 11.3mm50mm 50mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
Wavelength 190nm-25um 190nm-25um 400nm-3um 400nm-3um 400nm-3um
Calibration @ wavelength 10.6um 10.6um 1064nm,532nm,694nm
Max power density 10GW/cm2 10GW/cm2 10GW/cm2 10GW/cm2 10GW/cm2
Max energy density 70J/ cm2 70J/ cm2 70J/ cm2 70J/ cm2 70J/ cm2
Display 3.5-digit LED
Un-stability 5%
Cooling air
Application CO2laser energy measure Long pulse width energy measure Pulse repetition rate 0-30Hz measure