3D Robot Laser Cutter

  • Update:Mar 26, 2020
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Fiber laser cutter equipped with floor-mounted robotic arms, suitable for 3D cutting, especially for automobile parts such as automobile body, door frame, trunk and roof cover.

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The 3D laser cutter is an advanced equipment combined of special laser head, high precision capacitor tracing system, fiber laser and industrial robots. It is able to cut metal sheet of different thickness from different positions and angles. The robot can be floor-mounted or inverted-mounted to suit workpiece size and shape. There are two types of programming: off-line programming or teaching-and-playback programming. Laser was transited to cutting head (special fiber following-up device and laser transmission device are equipped with fiber laser cutting head), then laser is focused and to cut sheet metal in 3D shapes from different angles.

Laser of different rated power is selected for different material thickness, cooling system of different cooling capacity is selected accordingly to maintain laser working condition. Meanwhile, proper fiber length is used to match up with arm working range and workpiece size.

Product features:

  1. Perfect combination of cutting edge laser technology and CNC technology, representing the most advanced laser cutting level.
  2. Windows-based professional control software, easy to program.
  3. Equipped with imported six axis intelligent robot, enabling 3D cutting.
  4. Equipped with imported cutting head, agile accurate, working together with robot to avoid collision with workpiece.
  5. High quality beam with high speed and high precision. Focal spot and cutting quality are guaranteed.
  6. Cutting head is able to withstand 1.00 Mpa gas pressure, enhancing the ability of cutting hard materials such as stainless steel.
  7. 3D cutting enabled by flexibility of fiber laser. Combined with 6-axis industrial robots, it is able to cut 3D shapes.
  8. Eliminate mold-making time, reduce lead time.

Technical specifications:

Laser type

Fiber laser



Cutting material

stainless steel/ carbon steel

Max load


Pay load


Number of joints




Reach radius






Remark: other power levels are available upon request.


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