What are the components of a laser soldering automation machine?

Time: Apr 19,2024 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 14

With the rapid development of modern technology, the laser automatic soldering technology has gradually become one of the important parts of electronic welding, plastic welding, optical communication welding and other non-metallic fields, and its technology is becoming more and more mature. The advantages of laser automatic welding machine are high welding efficiency and replacement of labor can save production cost. In other words, the real meaning of laser automation equipment is to reduce production costs. Especially in today's high-precision industry, automation equipment has become a must.

Laser automatic soldering automation equipment as a kind of efficient and precise welding method, which mechanism parts are composed of? What is the role? The following Wuhan Sintec Optronics Co.,Ltd take you to understand. The laser welding system is mainly composed of laser source, laser working head, cooling system, laser room, robot, PLC, wire feeding system, laser welding quality detection unit and laser power detection.


Laser Source. The laser source, i.e. the laser generator, is the heat source supply of the laser welding system. Since the first ruby laser was introduced in 1960, there are now a variety of laser generators on the market, and the beam quality has been continuously improved, laying the foundation for the development of laser processing technology.

Laser working head. Laser working head refers to the laser processing tools, different laser processing process corresponds to different laser processing tools.

Cooling system. As the laser generation can not avoid emitting a large amount of heat, in order to ensure the normal work of the laser source, the need to use the cooling system to ensure that the temperature of the laser source is constant. 

PLC: It is the general commander of the workstation and controls the jigs and fixtures, various signals, work sequences, etc.

Wire feeding system. Laser wire welding needs wire feeding system, general wire feeding system consists of control unit, wire barrel, main wire feeding tube, servo drive unit.

Laser post-welding detection system. It can efficiently detect the quality of laser soldering after welding, which is divided into online detection and offline detection. Online inspection system refers to the detection in the laser welding welding process, generally testing the welding strength or record the welding process welding video and the parameters change. Offline inspection is generally used to detect the appearance of the weld welding quality.

Laser Power Measurement System (PMM). Used to measure the amount of laser power. Laser working head is installed with compressed air jets to reduce the laser welding process spatter,

welding dust, etc. in the protective lens attached, but long-term work can not be avoided protective lens contamination. Contamination of the protective lens will reduce the laser power, affect the welding quality, and even burn the protective lens. Measure the power once for every certain number of workpieces processed to remind the staff to check and replace the protective lenses in time.