Laser Winter Care Guide

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Due to China's vast territory, the temperature difference between the north and south in winter, north of the Yangtze River in winter, the temperature often reaches 0 degrees below, the water will freeze. Laser water volume are fixed, after freezing will expand on the internal waterway, fiber optic cable irreversible damage to the majority of users to bring great losses. So in the winter, should be based on the ambient temperature, choose the right antifreeze for the proportion, do a good job of winter laser maintenance.

First, the choice of antifreeze, proportioning and adding

Suitable environment: ambient temperature below 0 degrees

Ambient temperature of 0 degrees and below, it is recommended that the majority of users to add antifreeze to the laser cooling water, add antifreeze can reduce the freezing point of water, so that the cooling water does not freeze.

1, the choice of antifreeze

There are many types of antifreeze on the market, and we recommend that you use AntifrogenN antifreeze from Clariant.Clariant Laser Antifreeze is a light yellow liquid. If the professional brand is not convenient to buy, short-term can temporarily use a large bottle of car antifreeze Shell OAT-45 ℃.

2, the ratio of antifreeze

Clariant antifreeze add ratio of 3:7 (30% antifreeze, 70% deionized water), after adding antifreeze can resist -20 degrees without freezing.

3、How to add antifreeze correctly

1, all the equipment will be powered off (water cooler, laser, etc.), open the water cooler drain valve will be emptied of water in the tank, and then use water to clean the water tank and empty.

2, the water cooler filter element and laser water inlet filter element removed and cleaned and installed.

3, the proportion of antifreeze and deionized water into the same container and mix well and then injected into the chiller tank. (It is strictly prohibited to pour directly into the chiller, so that the antifreeze can not be fully dissolved in the water, easy to produce flocs blocking the filter and filter element)


1, any antifreeze can not completely replace the deionized water, can not be used for a long time throughout the year. After winter, you must use deionized water or pure water to clean the pipeline, especially the filter cartridge of the water cooler and the filter cartridge of the water inlet of the laser, and resume the use of distilled water or deionized water as a coolant.

2, if a long period of downtime (such as during the Spring Festival shutdown) or before the laser transportation, you must empty the cooling water in the device, and use compressed air to blow the residual water in the device (including the laser, chiller) to prevent damage to the device from internal icing.

Second: Maintenance of water-cooling system

Suitable for the environment: available all year round

As we all know that the laser is relying on cooling water to dissipate heat, water cooling system maintenance is also an essential part of the daily maintenance of equipment, then we need to pay attention to what we need to pay attention to in the daily maintenance of water-cooled systems?

1, the choice of cooling water

The use of distilled water or deionized water, the reason for choosing these two kinds of water is that distilled water or deionized water is not easy to produce scale in the cycle of heating process. Strictly prohibit the use of barrels of pure water, tap water.

2, cooling water replacement cycle

It is recommended to replace it every 3 months. The water tank of the water cooler is not hermetically sealed and is exposed to a dusty environment for a long time. Dust, metal shavings and bacteria enter into the cold water leading to water deterioration, which produces scale and then adheres to the inner wall of the water circuit of the laser, which is prone to clogging the waterway.

3、Steps for replacing cooling water

1), disconnect the equipment power supply and water cooler power.

2), the water cooler and laser water drain, clean the water tank and drain the water.

3), clean up the water cooler water filter, cartridge (some water coolers do not have a cartridge, consult the water cooler manufacturer for details) and the laser water inlet filter.

4), install the filter, filter element.

5), to the water cooler into the distilled water to reach the standard level.

6), turn on the water cooler to let the water cycle up, check the water cooler level display, liquid level drops, then add distilled water.

Note: In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae, you can add 10% alcohol in the cooling water.