RF-excited CO2 Laser

RF-excited CO2 Laser

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These RF-excited CO2 lasers are professionally made and are widely used in the processing of non-metals such as plastic organic materials BBS etc. CO2 laser tube is based on our proven ceramic core technology.

STD Series Economic RF-excited CO2 Lasers

CO2 laser

We are a reliable company for expert advice and good service in the field of CO2 laser beam source. Superior beam quality, favourable price, long product lifetime, efficient technical support are the main strengths of our products and service.

For Medical treatment applications

  • CO2 fractional laser scare removal skin resurfacing device

  • CO2 laser therapy

  • RF stretch marks removal CO2 fractional laser machine

  • RF tube laser generator vaginal tightening laser

  • Cosmetology surgery apparatus

For CO2 laser marking/engraving machine applications

  • Achieve high speed static or dynamic online marking code

  • Mark/engrave clearly

  • Hard-wearing quality

  • High engraving and marking efficiency

  • Environmentally-friendly

For CO2 laser cutting machine applications

  • High and stable power

  • Cutting better than fiber laser for non-metal

  • The speed of cutting is faster

  • Cutting leather, wood, plastics etc

Competitive Advantages of our lasers:

  • 3-5 years long lifetime, stable machine and mode quality

  • All metal body and very firm

  • Small size and easy to carry

  • Quick response time for services

Wavelength9.3 / 10.2 / 10.6μm9.3 / 10.6μm
CW Output Power≥30W≥55W
Power Stability<±5%<±5%
Beam Size1.8±0.2㎜1.8±0.2㎜
Beam Divergence7.5±0.5 mrad7.5±0.5 mrad
Mode QualityM²<1.2M²<1.2
Polarization>100:1 linear>100:1 linear
Weight of Laser System5.2kg10kg
Input voltage48 VDC <±2%48 VDC <±2%
Input DC current≤12A≤20A
Ambient Air Temperature5℃ to 40℃5℃ to 40℃
CoolingAir or waterAir or water
  • Laser power is tested at the room temperature 25degree. When the temperature rises 1℃, the output power will reduce 1%.

  • Definition of stabilization: ±(Pmax-Pmin)/(2Pmax)

  • Testing condition of stabilization: warming up about 10mins, controlling duty cycle constantly, under the normal operating environment.

Ordering Information

STD-xxx-yyz, where xxx means laser wavelength in um (9.3 or 10.6), yy means laser power in watt, and z means cooling in A for air cooling or W for water cooling.

Electrical Connector (RJ-45):

1 (PWM Orange and white)RF Enable
TTL logic input
1=RF ON,0=RF OFF;1KΩ impedance.
This input turns on the laser. (See also Pin 7, Control Enable, below)
2 (+15V Orange)+15 VDC±0.5VDC,0.25 A Max output for customer use
3 (Laser Green and white)Laser ok
TTL logic output,1=LASER OK,0=LASER Fault;
Output is asserted when no faults (SWR, Temp or Volt.)are detected
4 (Temp Blue)Temperature OK
TTL logical output,1=Temp ok,0=Temp fault;
Output is asserted when temperature is below 60℃
5 (Volt Blue and white)Power and voltage OK
TTL logical output;1= voltage ok,0=voltage fault;
Output is asserted when DC supply voltage is below max. value
6 (GND Green)For internal use. must be grounded
7 (Enable Brown and white)Control enables
TTL Logical input;1= Laser control enable,0= Laser controlled disabled
This input must be asserted before RF enable can be used to turn on the laser.
8 (GND Brown)GND

STJ Series Economic RF-excited CO2 Lasers

CO2 lasers CO2 lasers

Laser power≥28W≥33W≥40W≥65W
Power stability±5%±5%±5%±5%
Beam modeTEM00TEM00TEM00TEM00
Beam diameter2.0-2.2mm2.0-2.2mm2.0-2.2mm2.5-3.0mm
Beam divergence4mrad4mrad4mrad4mrad
Polorization50:1, vertical50:1, vertical50:1, vertical50:1, vertical
Modulation frequency0-20 kHz0-20 kHz0-20 kHz0-20 kHz
DC power input48VDC/12.5A/600W48VDC/12.5A/600W48VDC/12.5A/600W48VDC/31A/1500W
Dimension, mm360×93×140360×93×140360×93×140537×93×140
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