Fiber Laser Markers

Fiber Laser Markers

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The quality fiber lasers are used in our laser marking machines. The excellent beam quality and power stability of the fiber lasers make our fibre laser markers a multi-purpose tool.

SJC Series Portable Handheld Laser Marking Machine

This product has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for standard metals and alloys (all metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.), rare metals and alloys (gold, silver, titanium), metal oxides (all kinds of metal oxides), special surface treatment (phosphating, aluminum anodizing, electroplating surface), and other materials. It can mark and engrave on common hardware tools, knives, kitchenware, metal jewelry, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles, glasses frames. This marking machine can mark a clear, high resolution and provide long lasting markings on materials. The environmental requirements are simple and flexible and there is no special requirement on constant temperature and humidity, and water cooling to operate. This laser marking machine is small size, light weight, small footprint, and portable for online marking.

Product features:

  • Accurate positioning: The scanning galvanometer adopts high-performance scanning devices and advanced photoelectric sensing technology. The differential photosensors can exactly detects the position of the motor rotor. It is with good linearity, has a small drift during operation, marks with high resolution and has a high accuracy on repeated positioning.

  • Convenient to move: It is a portable type that can be carried anytime and anywhere, with lightweight and convenient hand tools and easy operation.

  • Stable performance: with the software developed by our company, it can operate with high stability and smoothly.

  • Humanized operation: with adoption of touch screen technology, the operation is simple and easy to use. It supports switching between Chinese and English language, and able to handle multiple file formats such as QR codes and barcodes through USB.

  • Widely applicable materials: Suitable for most of metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, etc., with clear and high-resolution markings.

  • Various application industries: widely used in electronic components, hardware tools, electrical products, consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, 3C electronics, handicrafts, precision equipment, gift accessories, medical equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, bathroom industry, battery industry, IT industry and other fields.

Product model:

SJC - Laser wavelength - Laser power - Marking area, such as SJC-1064-20-70.

Technical specifications:

Shell materialEngineering Plastic
Laser type1064nm fiber  laser
Marking format70×70mm (standard)/ 100 ×  100mm (optional)
Marking speed8000mm/s (marked as 1mm high  singlet)
Power supply220VAC 50/60Hz
Battery capacity16AH
Full charge timeApproximately 2.5H (measured  in of 25°C laboratory environment)
Usage timeApproximately 4H  (measured in 25°C laboratory environment)
Average laser power≥20W
Max Power consumption≤330W
Cooling methodAir cooling
Operating systemLinux
Expansion port2×USB3.0
Screen brightness300cd/m ²
Support file formatsVector files (DXF, PLT, SVG), Image  files (bmp, jpg, png), QR codes, barcodes
working temperature0°C - 45 °C
Storage temperature-10°C - 60 °C
Chassis size ((L x W x H)345×311×222 (mm)
Hand tool weight~0.9kg
Overall weight (hand  tools + machine)~9.7kg

ST Series Fiber Laser Markers

We also can custom-design and -make various marking machines for your specific applications such as


For the detailed information on the components used in the machine, please refer to the following:

Outlooks Available

We have the following more stages, tables and outlooks for your selection: Custom-made available upon request.

fiber laser markers

fiber laser markers

fiber laser marker

fiber laser marker

fiber laser marker

fiber laser marker

fiber laser marker

fiber laser marker

Application Notes:

  • Marking field: Marking field depends on scan lens (f-theta lens) once other parameters and parts are confirmed. Large field sizes demand the use of lenses of long focal length. In turn, this leads to increase focused spot size and decrease laser power density on the workpiece. Thus reasonable mark field should be carefully selected. If both small focused beam diameter (narrow line width) and large marking field are simultaneously required, a XY moving table is recommended for best performance. However, there may be a little alignment along the junction edges of neighbour pisions since the moving accuracy and resolution are always limited.

  • Focused beam diameter: The focused beam diameter is related to f-theta lens, beam expander and laser parameter (beam quality, beam diameter, beam pergence etc). Higher laser power always needs larger beam diameter and thus results in worse beam quality (such as larger pergence angle etc) and further results in larger focused beam diameter.

  • Mark linewidth: in order to get narrow linewidth, 1) you may use the f-theta lens with smaller mark field and beam expander with larger beam expansion ratio. 2) You may increase beam quality by inserting an aperture inside laser resonator. 3) you may increase the marking speed.

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