TEC Temperature Controller

TEC Temperature Controller

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OEM TEC Temperature Controller TEC module is designed for regulating the temperature of the objects and the stabilizing its temperature at the certain level. The target temperature is set with an analog input voltage. Voltage output is provided to mon

TEC Temperature Controller STYA-15V15A-WK

STYA-15V15A-WK temperature controller (hereinafter referred to as: temperature control power supply) is a high precision temperature control power supply with fast response, which is designed based on PWM modulation theory, including complete PID algorithm. The actuator of the temperature control power supply is a semiconductor refrigerator (TEC), and the temperature detection device is a thermistor NTC10K.The temperature control power supply supports two-way cooling and heating control. Temperature control power can be controlled through the front panel of the man-machine interface (local), easy to operate. On the front panel, you can set the temperature parameters of the controlled object, display the real-time temperature detection, start and stop the temperature control power, and display the status information of the temperature control power. And temperature control power can also be remotely controlled by computer through RS232 interface. In remote control mode, you can set temperature parameters of the temperature control power supply, query real-time temperature and various status information at any time, start and standby operations of the temperature control power supply, and receive fault information uploaded by the temperature control power supply. The temperature control power supply has the automatic memory function, which will automatically store the related setting parameters. Temperature control power adopts low noise, portable structure design, touch screen and physical keys shared operation scheme. The main features are as follows:

  • Digital design, excellent performance

  • Local control and computer remote control optional

  • 64K true color LCD display, touch screen control

  • Complete PID feedback algorithm, PWM modulation mode

  • Two-way temperature control, support heating and cooling

  • Supports NTC10K temperature sensor

  • High efficiency, high precision and high reliability

  • Automatic memory function, store various state parameters at any time

  • Real-time temperature display and alarm prompt function

  • Simple and quick man-machine interface

  • Low noise structure design

input powerAC220V±20% 50±3Hz
Output voltage range-15~+15V (Adaptive thermal load)
Max driving current15A
Overall conversion efficiency≥85%
Temperature setting Range1~99℃
Temperature control range-10~110℃
Temperature control accuracy≤±0.01℃
Starting current is over impulse0%
Temperature sampling deviceNTC10K@25℃,B=3950
Operation environmentTemperature: -10~+50℃; Humidity: <85%
Storage environmentTemperature: -30~+85℃; Humidity: <90%
Dimensions160*320*110 (mm)
External fuse tube5A

STXF Series Temperature Control Board (TEC Driver)

Part numberTemp. stabilityDriving capability (max.)Supply voltage (V)Size(mm)Features
STXF-TCB-NE0.0110A@24V /12A@12V5-2475*65Generic version, NTC
STXF-TCB-NE-PT1000.0110A@24V /12A@12V5-2475*65PT100 version
STXF-TCB-NE-PT10000.0110A@24V /12A@12V5-2475*65PT1000 version
STXF-TCB-NE-AH0.0118A@24V /24A@12V7-2495*65Generic version with   enhanced power
STXF-TCB-NE-AH-PT1000.0118A@24V /24A@12V7-2495*65PT100 version
STXF-TCB-NE-AH-PT10000.0118A@24V /24A@12V7-2495*65PT1000 version
STXF-TCB-NC0.0110A@24V /12A@12V5-2460*42NE miniature version
STXF-TCB-NC-PT1000.0110A@24V /12A@12V5-2460*42PT100 version
STXF-TCB-NC-PT10000.0110A@24V /12A@12V5-2460*42PT1000 version
STXF-TCB-NA0.112A@24V /15A@12V5-2460*42NC simplified version
STXF-TCB-SV0.014.5V2.5A7-2460*42Suitable for small TEC
STXF-TCB-SA0.014.5V3A560*42Suitable for small TEC
STXF-TCB-SS0.014.5V3A540*40SA miniature version
STXF-ATC-B10.0014.4V2.8A540*40Analog PID, fast   settling, DFB/TO device

Remarks: NE/NE-AH/NC use 10k NTC temperature sensor by default, PT100 or PT1000 are optional, other models only support NTC.

1. Details of STXF-TCB-NE-AH:

STXF-TCB-NE-AH is a temperature control board for semiconductor refrigeration chips (also known as thermoelectric coolers TEC), which contains a complete PID control. It has continuous output mode, and the temperature control accuracy can reach 0.01 degree. This device supports the most commonly used 10k NTC temperature sensor, TEC can have multiple configurations, and the power supply is DC power supply. This board is the high current version of STXF-TCB-NE. It is suitable for high-power and high-precision temperature control, such as high-power LD.


  • PID control algorithm

  • High accuracy, down to 0.01 degree

  • Wide range of TEC voltage: 2~24V

  • Large TEC current range: rated 18A (if the supply voltage is less than or equal to 12V, the current can reach 24A)

  • Two-way control, support heating and cooling

  • TEC configuration is flexible

  • It can set and detect the temperature through the serial port (ASCII code protocol, supports the computer with its own super terminal, everyone can use it)

  • It has alarm, ready signal output, and close TEC signal input

  • Control mode: continuous voltage


  • Temperature control system with TEC (semiconductor cooler, thermoelectric cooler) as the temperature control element

  • Suitable for but not limited to temperature control of laser diodes

  • Suitable for various fields such as industry and home appliances

  • Biological, medical, PCR temperature control, etc.

Main technical parameters:

  • Board supply voltage: 7.5- 27V (standard voltages such as 7.5/12/15/24 are recommended, the TEC rated voltage is preferably equal to or slightly larger than the power supply voltage, if the TEC rated voltage is less than the power supply voltage, you can also set the maximum output ratio)

  • Board supply current: determined by the actual maximum power of the TEC

  • TEC voltage: 2V – 24V (depending on power supply voltage)

  • TEC current: rated 18A (If power supply voltage is less than or equal to 12V, the current can reach 24A)

  • Temperature control sensor: 10k NTC (default B value is 3950, the actual B value is not limited, only affects absolute temperature, not relative temperature, basically meaningless for temperature control), PT100 optional

  • Temperature control accuracy: 0.01°

  • Setting temperature accuracy: 0.01°

  • NTC version temperature control measurement range: -60 - +170 degrees

  • NTC version control temperature range: -20 - +100 degrees

  • PT100/PT1000 temperature control measurement range: -60 - +212 degrees

  • PT100/PT1000 control temperature range: -50 - +200 degrees

  • Default factory setting temperature: 25°, or user specified

  • Working ambient temperature: -40 to +45 degrees

  • Storage ambient temperature: -40 to +60 degrees

  • Working environment humidity: 0-95%

  • Dimensions: 65mm*95mm, Height: 35mm

Ordering Information:

  • Product name: temperature control board

  • Product model: STXF-TCB-NE-AH/-X

  • -X: Optional PT100 or PT1000 probe, omitting -X means that NTC probe is supported by default

  • For example: TXF-TCB-NE-AH, TXF-TCB-NE-AH-PT100, TXF-TCB-NE-AH-PT1000

Control Method:

The board uses serial communication to modify and monitor information. There are three control methods as follows:

  • The temperature control display unit made by us such as STXF-DISP-TCB (connect the serial port of the temperature control board to the display screen)

  • Our PC software STXF-TCBMate (connect the serial port of the temperature control board to the computer)

  • Directly use the serial port to issue command control (using a microcontroller, or a PC)

2. Related products and accessories for temperature control panel:

NameSpecificationsSupply voltage(V)Features
Temperature control   display panelSTXF-DISP-TCB5,7-24Support STXF-TCB series   temperature control board
Temperature control   display panelSTXF-DISP-TCB-P5,7-24Support STXF-TCB series   temperature control board with metal panel
Temperature control   display panelSTXF-CDM-TCB5Support STXF-TCB series   temperature control board
Temperature control   display panelSTXF-CDM-TCB-P5Support STXF-TCB series   temperature control board with metal panel
TCB communication lineSTXF-TCB-RS232
Support STXF-TCB series   temperature control board
RS232 to RS485 ConverterSTXF-UT-2201

Serial hub boardRS232-NODE
USB to serial cableUTR-01

Details of STXF-DISP-TCB(DW) Temperature Control Display Board:

The STXF-DISP-TCB(DW) temperature control display board supports STXF-TCB-NA, STXF-TCB-NE/NE-AH, STXF-TCB-SA and other temperature control boards. The temperature value and various related parameters can be set through the temperature control display board, and the current temperature control information can be seen intuitively. The temperature control display board can be used as a setting tool for the temperature control board, or can be directly installed on the panel as the monitoring interface of the temperature control board.


  • It can be easily installed on the customer's equipment panel

  • Support STXF-TCB full range of temperature control boards

  • Support the setting of various parameters

  • Support temperature display as a curve

  • It has a 7-28V power input port, and a 5V power input/output port and you can supply power through one of them

Ordering Information:

  • Product name: temperature control display board

  • Product model: STXF-DISP-TCB/-P(DW)  -P: A -P suffix means a black panel. If there is no panel, it will be omitted directly.


Electrical connection diagram:

STJ Series TEC Drivers (Temperature Controllers)

The TEC driver is a high-performance temperature control system (air cooling) specially designed for driving laser diode (thermoelectric refrigeration chip, TEC), with high precision and high stability.It is based on the principle of Peltier effect. It has the advantages of high precision, long service life, small volume, no noise, no wear, no vibration, no pollution. The TEC driver has perfect PID control software and intelligent stepless temperature control, which can both cooled and heated. It can control by RS232 / 485 serial communication interface and communication protocol.

It can also supplies 1-2 channels of TEC control output, which can be used to control laser, medical devices, diode, infrared detectors, photomultiplier tubes, or any other devices which need the temperature control.

The TEC driver adopts the latest modern power electronic devices, high-speed microprocessor (MPU) program control technology, as well as PWM modulation, bidirectional power supply and PID regulation technology. It has excellent voltage and current output characteristics. No overshoot, no kickback, no surge and low noise when operation.

It also has over-current, over temperature and under temperature protection circuits, as well as a set of normally open / normally closed temperature alarm signal output.

The driver adopts 16 bit "8" LED, simple menu mode display, membrane button, and has friendly user interface and fault diagnosis function.

It is an excellent choice for laser equipment manufactures, research institute and personal. We used the standard PT1000 temperature sensor (platinum resistance) to have the best precision, linearity and stability.

TEC tmperature control


  • Intelligent step-less temperature regulation, two-way temperature control (both cooling and heating)

  • Temperature accuracy±0.1°C

  • Normally operating temperature range (0°C - 80°C adjustable) ( other ranges can be customized)

  • Temperature alarm when exceeds the upper / lower limit

  • The user can modify the temperature PID feedback parameters (but usually use the System Default PID parameters or the self- calibrated PID parameters)

  • Three constant temperature mode selection: (1) standard cold and hot constant temperature (default), (2) cooling constant temperature, (3) heating constant temperature

  • Automatic calibration of PID parameters of the temperature

  • RS232/485 communication protocol (optional)

  • With a set of normally open / close temperature alarm signal output

  • With temperature ready signal output

  • Over heat, over current protections; over/under temperature protection circuit

  • High stability, high anti-interference ,entirely eliminate 50 / 60Hz frequency interference

  • 8/16 bit "8" LED, simple menu / mode display, membrane button

  • User friendly interface, fault diagnosis function

  • We can customize the driver according to customer’s requirements

Temperature range (°C)0~80
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
Temperature accuracy (°C)±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Temperature stability (°C)≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1
Adjustment cycle (s)
Input voltage(VAC)12VDC
Output voltage (V)0-60-60-60-60-120-12
Output current (A)0-50-100-150-200-050-10
Voltage noise (Vp-p)≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%
Current noise (Ap-p)≤10mA≤20mA≤30mA≤40mA≤10mA≤20mA
Working temperature (°C)-20~+40-20~+40-20~+40-20~+40-20~+50-20~+40
Environment humidity (%)≤90≤90≤90≤90≤90≤90
Temperature range (°C)0~80
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
(or customized)
Temperature accuracy (°C)±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Temperature stability (°C)≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1
Adjustment cycle (s)
Input voltage(VAC)12VDC
Output voltage (V)0-120-120-240-240-360-48
Output Current (A)0-150-200-050-100-60-5
Voltage Noise(Vp-p)≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%
Current noise (Ap-p)≤30mA≤40mA≤15mA≤30mA≤15mA≤20mA
Working temperature (°C)-20~+40-20~+40-20~+40-20~+40-20~+40-20~+40
Environment humidity (%)≤90≤90≤90≤90≤90≤90


  • If needs 48VDC or 110VAC power supply, please inform us when ordering

  • the driver size W×L×H=215×115×50 mm (Modular, 12~36VDC)

  • Above drivers are our standard models. We can also customize according to customer’s parameters.

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